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Prepare yourself for another post in our Feeling Pretty series....

Breann passed away in February. She was the best friend and sister anyone could ever hope to have. She was funny, smart, talented and beautiful. Working on projects, painting our nails and shopping for fun things [often using the blog as an excuse] were just some of the things we loved doing with her. Breann was the voice of this blog. We all loved contributing to it, but the blog was Breann's baby. She wrote all the posts, took most of the pics, and just made everything wonderful and polished. She had a few drafts saved, waiting to be published. And as a tribute to her, we'll be posting those over the next few weeks.

Makeup is the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty, isn't it? But it can be expensive, and nobody wants to spend big bucks on fancy eye shadow to make their eyes pop--but at the same time, no one wants to settle for bad quality to save money, either. That's where the Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadows come in! :)

They are extremely affordable, and super high quality--these shadows are soft, easy to blend, long lasting, and very pigmented! What you see in the palette is what you get on your eyes when you apply it!! We love Wet n Wild to pieces for offering such amazing products at such affordable prices: $4-$5 for 8-color palettes, $2.39-$2.99 for trios, and $1.49-$1.99 for singles (depending on where you buy--Smith's Marketplace is on the lower end, Walgreen's is on the higher end, but often has sales). The price is just one of many reasons to love these shadows--even our puppies love them!

Between my sisters and I, we have a pretty big variety of Wet n Wild eye shadows. Unforunately, not all of them are still available (since several were limited edition/discontinued), but there are plenty of gorgeous ones from their permanent line that you can still find at almost any store that sells Wet n Wild products!

I took a lot of pictures for you, and I tried to get the best lighting possible. For the most part, I think the pictures show the colors fairly accurately, but some of the shades are more vibrant in person. I'll do my best to describe the colors, so you can pick and choose wisely what palettes you want to check into!! :)

Here are the two 8-color palettes we have picked up (excluding limited edition/discontinued palettes):

"Petal Pusher" includes (from top to bottom, left column, then right column) a very light pink highlight shade; a soft, satin lilac color; a deep, gorgeous purple; a blue-toned, shimmering violet; a cool toned, light pink; a sparkly, rosy mauve shade; a dark, shimmery burgundy; and a very deep, sparkling green.

"Comfort Zone" includes (from top to bottom, left column, then right column) a shimmering champagne; a stunning, peachy copper; a satin bronze; a deep red-toned brown; a silvery taupe; a light, mossy green with shimmer; a very sparkly gray-green; and a unique shade that changes from a brownish red to a gleaming green depending on the light.

These are the eye shadow trios we have (excluding limited edition/discontinued trios):

 "Walking on Eggshells" includes (from top to bottom) a light, sparkling champagne; a light, slightly shimmery bronze; and a neutral peachy-pink with a pearly finish. 

"Silent Treatment" includes (from top to bottom) a very light, shimmering pink; a deep, sparkly brown; and a pretty, purplish taupe. 

"Knock on Wood" includes (from top to bottom) a mauvey, cool toned pink with sparkle; a medium to dark shade of brown with a little shimmer; and soft, mulberry color.

"I'm Getting Sunburned" includes (from top to bottom) a unique, metallic shade that changes from a cool pink to lilac purple, depending on the light; a very shimmery, rich brown; and a metallic golden color.

"Cool As A Cucumber" includes (from top to bottom) a very light, cool green; a rich eggplant color; and a soft, earthy green.

"Don't Steal My Thunder" includes (from top to bottom): a sparkly white; a true black with shimmer; and a soft, shimmery silver. 

Here's the one single I have to share with you, a black called "Panther:"

Those are all of the permanent eye shadows we have, but we also have a bunch from various limited edition collections. Since you probably won't be able to find most of these anymore, we won't go into a lot of detail...but we would like to show you some examples of what else they have come out with, so you can look for similar palettes in future collections! Here are a few pictures....

Well, that pretty much wraps up this post! We hope you enjoyed it! Now go get you some awesome eye shadow!! ;)

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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  1. We love you Breann. Love this post! I think I will be investing in eye shadow!