Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Prepare yourself for another post in our Crafty Chaos series....

Hello, lovelies! We apologize for not posting something new for a few weeks (oh my gosh, I can't believe we haven't posted since December 5!)... Between final exams and holiday preparations and events, we were very busy girls! And not the kind of "busy" where you say you have a lot to do but don't actually do anything. We were the REAL kind of busy where you have LOADS to do and get MORE than loads done! But anyway, we're back and hoping to stick to one of our new year's resolutions: a minimum of one blog post each week! So, let's kick off the new year and new goal with a crafty card!

This winter greeting card is super cute, but also super simple! You will just need some scissors or a paper cutter, glue, hot glue, blue paper (for the actual card), white paper, blue ink, snowflake stamps, a "Let it snow!" or other winter-appropriate salutation stamp, another paper in any color you like (we used purple), and matching ribbon. We already had all the paper and ribbon on hand for this project (but if you don't, stop by your local Hobby Lobby, where ribbon and paper go on sale about every other week!), and the stamps ("Christmas 2012, Christmas Words" and "Studio 112 Snowflake Stamp Set") and ink (Studio G ink pads) we picked up a little while ago from JoAnn's for just a dollar each. 

If you want to know EXACTLY how to make this cute card, just follow the steps below....

1. Once you have all the materials you will need, cover the snowflake stamp in blue ink and stamp the design onto white paper.

2. Cut around the design, so you have a nice, small square with the snowflakes centered. 

3. Stamp the "Let it snow!" (or other wintertime greeting) in the same blue ink onto another piece of white paper, and cut that out, too.

4. Cut out the "any color you like" paper (purple, in our case) into a rectangle.

5. Glue the white paper with the snowflake design onto the "any color you like" piece, and then mount the "Let it snow!" (or other wintertime salutation) just below it.

6. Glue the "any color you like" paper onto the blue, leaving extra room on the bottom for ribbon. 

7. Finally, cut your ribbon down to the right length (long enough to go along the bottom of the card), and hot glue it in the place! (P.S. Kaitlyn gave me a crazy cute hot glue gun for Christams--it's zebra print! Ahhh, I'll have to share a picture with you some time!)

And, that's it! You now have yourself a cute card to pass on this winter! It's so cute, even Sprinki (one of our two darling puppies) loves it! She helped Kaitlyn with the stamping...actually, they went a little crazy, and stamped silver snowflakes all over the blue and purple paper! Feel free to do that, too, if you want! 

Happy New Year, and have a great 2014!

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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  1. I always see people who handmake cards and I'm so impressed! I went through a phase where I tried, but they always ended up looking kind of silly. This card looks great! You ladies are so talented.

    1. Thanks, Shantel! You're so kind! I'm pretty sure we've had more cards turn out looking silly, than not!

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