Thursday, December 5, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Crafty Chaos series....

If you have been following our blog, then you know  this is not the first time we are featuring a tutu can--it's the third! We initially made this pink and girly can as a pencil holder for our dad to put in the garage (because he constantly loses pencils out there, and we thought making it extra girly would be funny). We loved it so much, that we made a second one, and this green cutie holds paintbrushes in our crafty area. I decided tutu cans would be PERFECT for storing things like makeup brushes and eyeliners on my vanity, so I made some zebra print ones with pink tutus to go with my bedroom decor!

The zebra print tutu cans are my favorites, so we figured we had to share them with you and tell you how to make your own--just in case you missed the first two!

Step 1: Gather your supplies to make a tutu can! You'll need a can (DUH!), paper of your choice (we picked up a few sheets of zebra print paper from Hobby Lobby for less than $1), tulle (we found some pink remnant tulle on clearance for about 70 cents, and I got a few other shades of pink tulle at 79 cents per yard--but I got 24 inches, not a whole yard), a paper cutter and/or scissors, a pencil, a hot glue gun, a rubber band, some sequins (which I got at Hobby Lobby for $1.50 on sale--but you can use any ribbon, you don't need sequins), and some kind of doodads to finish the look (I used some pink flowers that came in a big set from Hobby Lobby for about $3).

Step 2: Measure the height of the can, use your pencil to mark the paper that length, cut the paper, and snip off the extra width.

Step 3: Hot glue the paper to the can.

Step 4: Cut the tulle into LOTS of strips that are about the height of the can, and an inch (give or take a little) wide.

Step 5: Put the rubber band on the can, placing it in the middle-ish, and start putting layers of tulle strips into the rubber band.

Step 6: When you have the desired amount of tulle (keeping in mind that it will double when you fold), fold the tulle above the rubber band down. And don't forget to treat it like a puppy and pet it a lot until it decides to STAY down.

Step 7: Hot glue sequins (or ribbon) over the "waist" and try to cover up the rubber band.

Step 8: Add the finishing touch: the doodads! I just hot glued on my flowers.

And that's it! Now you have yourself a cute tutu can! You can create so many variations. We made four different zebra tutu cans!

We hope you like these as much as we do! They are so cute and fun to make--plus, they make stylish storage! If you try making your own tutu can, don't forget to tell us how it went!

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Bargain Alert series....

Sally Hansen really caught our attention a while back when they released their magnetic nail polishes. Unfortunately, our pleasant surprise was ruined by the high price tag: $9 to $10 for a single polish. Our college student budgets just won't allow such a splurge. And that, my friends, is why we got CRAZY EXCITED when we found these for just $1 a piece at Dollar Tree yesterday (South Jordan, UT; Saratoga Springs, UT; and American Fork, UT locations). One of the amazing Dollar Tree employees told us she had tried one of the polishes and loved it! She showed us her nails, and they looked awesome with a magnet-induced wave design! She was even kind enough to go get a box full of Sally's magnetic polishes for us to rummage through (from their new shipment) before she put them on the shelf. Don't you just love employees who really value customer service?! We were so grateful for her kindness, and so excited to share this amazing bargain with you all!!

Now, in case you're confused about the whole "magnetic nail polish" thing, let me explain. These polishes come with a magnet on top of the cap....

The cap also has a design on it (most of them have waves, but some have stars, checkers, or diagonal lines)....

If you hold the magnet over your nail immediately after applying a second coat of polish, then the magnet will create that design on your nail! The directions (as well as the name of the shade) are on the back of the polish....

Pretty cool, right?! We were happy to find a total of 12 different colors between the three Dollar Tree locations we went to (they each had slightly different selections). But, in three or four cases, we could only find ONE polish in that color. So, you might want to RUN to Dollar Tree right now and hope you can find the colors you want! We were able to track down seven of the eight permanent colors, as well as four shades from the limited edition "Nail Your Look" collection.

From left to right, we have "Graphite Gravity," "Slate Spark," "Silver Elements," and "Atomic Alloy."

The next shades in line are "Golden Conduct," "Kinetic Copper," "Pink Force," and "Red-y Response."

And we also have "Purple Magnitude," "Cosmic Blue," "Ionic Indigo," and "Electric Emerald."

"Graphite Gravity" is a deep, shimmering charcoal (permanent shade, wavy design).

"Slate Spark" is a metallic silver with bluish sparkle (limited edition shade, star design).

"Silver Elements" is your traditional, shimmering silver (permanent shade, wavy design).

"Atomic Alloy" is a cool-toned and understated gold on the verge of silvery-champange with a shimmery sheen (limited edition shade, checker design). 

"Golden Conduct" is loaded with sparkle, but is more of a bronze than a gold color (permanent shade, wavy design).

"Kinetic Copper" is a pretty orange-toned, penny-colored copper beautiful shimmer (permanent shade, wavy design).

"Pink Force" is warm, shimmering pink with thin swirls of silver (limited edition shade, checker design).

"Red-y Response" is a red-toned purple with silver swirling through it (permanent shade, wavy design).

"Purple Magnitude" is a stunning, cool-toned shade of purple with silver sparkle (limited edition shade, star design).

"Cosmic Blue" is a gorgeous purplish blue with a silver sheen (limited edition shade, diagonal line design). 

"Ionic Blue" is a beautiful, deep shade of blue with silver shimmer (permanent shade, wavy design).

"Electric Emerald" is a pretty green that lays somewhere between moss and emerald green (permanent shade, wavy design).

We tried these polishes out, and guess what?! They really do work! After we applied the first coat (like normally, to all ten fingers), we applied a second coat and immediately held the magnet over the nail (don't let it dry first!), we got an awesome design! The polish also dried fast with a nice shine and opaque color. The quality seems very impressive, and we can't get over how fun the designs are!

We are really impressed, and even our mom (who is not very girly or nail polish obsessed) wants a few!!

One thing we want to mention is that you can mix up the magnets and polishes. In other words, if a particular color comes with a wavy patterned magnet, you can use the star magnet from a different polish and it will work well! You don't have to use the magnet the color comes with, you can mix them up!

We tried out four of the different designs and all worked well, except for Kaitlyn's checkered design did not go on as well....

Over all, we are loving these polishes, and definitely recommend them!!

Thanks for reading this bargain alert! Don't forget to tell us about any of your recent bargain finds in the comment section below!

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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