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Prepare yourself for another post in our Bargain Alert series....

Have you ever heard of or seen Wet n Wild's Beauty Benefits line? Well, we had not heard of it until we read about it being discovered at Dollar Tree on Nouveau Cheap a while back. It is a discontinued line of products that includes eye shadows, lip glosses, and nail polishes. And I guess the poor things were discontinued a LONG time ago, because they are HARD to find info on--perhaps they died out before the best of blogging came to life?! Anyway, you know we love Wet n Wild, so we were crazy excited to finally see them come to our local Dollar Tree (American Fork, UT location)! We went a little crazy and bought a bunch...but they were fabulous bargains, so can you really blame us?! We are pretty impressed with all of our purchases, and although we don't know how much these all cost at drugstores back when they were widely available and still in production, we figure they were more than the $1 we paid for each--their Color Icon trios cost $3ish, for example, so if the Beauty Benefits palettes were similar in price, we got them at a third of the price! Oh, and we also picked up some Color Icon Single Shadows and Color Icon Brow & Eye Pencils (not discontinued or limited edition!), so don't forget to check out our previous post all about those

Okay, that's enough rambling, let's just get on with it!! We'll start with the gorgeous, long-wearing, highly-pigmented eye shadow quads! They are amazing quality--extremely comparable to the Color Icon shadows we love so much! 

"Smokey" is a classy color combination for your basic smokey eye, including: a bright white with subtle shimmer; a sparkling silver; a unique charcoal color with a golden tone and gold sparkle; and a shimmering black shade. 

"Fantasy Land" is a fun palette with a shimmery white; super bright blue; a deeper, cool shade of blue with silver sparkle; and deep, shimmery charcoal color. If you like blue palettes, this might be a fun and unique one to add to your collection!

"Paradise Cove" is a gorgeous palette with pink and purple shades. We have a raspberry (but not quite hot) pink with subtle shimmer; a barely-sparkling-pinkish-purple-kind-of-mauve hue; a true purple with a hint of shimmer; and a deeper shade of cool purple with purple sparkles! I love this one to pieces and wish I had picked this up (this is Kaitlyn's here)!
*Note: The pink shade is lighter in person than in picture...apologies!

It's interesting that the two center shades are EXTREMELY similar to the two bottom shades in a trio called "Grays Matter" from the Be a Runway Beauty collection that came out a month or two ago....

"Sand Castle"  is a lovely neutral palette! It is so pretty, and a must-have for me! It includes a pretty medium shade of brown with shimmer; a light, peachy, sparkling beige; a shimmery tan; and a nearly-metallic golden bronze! This is so pretty, and extremely versatile. 
*Note: The colors are brighter in person...sorry again! The sun was playing hide and seek during my photography session this morning.

One thing you might care to keep in mind is that the names are printed on the packaging that encloses the palettes, but once you open that up, the names are gone! They are not printed on the palettes themselves! But, no big deal... You can just write the names on the back with a silver Sharpie in a very classy and sophisticated manner....

Now that we have established the fact that we absolutely LOVE the eye shadow palettes, let's talk about the Juicy Lip Glosses! We picked up two, and they are nice. They are not to die for, but they are great for a buck if you have your eye on a certain color! They are decently pigmented, but like many glosses, go on rather sheer (that's why I prefer lipstick in general). They go on very smooth and slick, though, no stickiness at all! They feel hydrating and comfortable, and give an incredible shine!

"Candy Apple" is somewhere between pink and red, and has a hint of shimmer. And now that I'm looking at the pictures, I'm realizing how pigmented this one is--that really is good color pay-off for a gloss, isn't it?!

"Candy Glaze" is a light, sparkly pink (very light!).

Get your Sharpie ready again, because these don't have the names printed on the tubes....

And last but not least, we have the nail polishes!! The packaging is very similar to that of their Wild Shine polish line. But unfortunately, we could not find the name of each shade ANYWHERE!! They did not come on the packaging, the  bottle itself, and I could not find them online. They are still pretty colors, but it's always a shame when you can't find a name....

This first one is a nice beige loaded with golden shimmer. It is super pretty!

The second color is a stunning maroon with a nice sheen.

Well, those are all the Beauty Benefits products we picked up! We are pretty impressed with them (especially the shadows!). Have you tried these yet? Let us know what you think of them!!

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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