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Prepare yourself for another post in our Feeling Pretty series....

Okay, today we are here to rave about our favorite lipstick line, and give you the full scoop on its awesomeness! So, get ready to read this one in your best "commercial voice!" 

There's nothing like a pop of pink on your lips to brighten up your beautiful face, or a touch of red to glam up any outfit. And the Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks are perfect for this! They are creamy, pigmented, and only 79 cents at Smith's Marketplace (or 99 cents at Walgreen's)! Talk about a bargain! 

Kaitlyn, Cami, and I are kind of obsessed! There are so many beautiful colors in this line, and we think EVERY girl should give these a try! We are so excited to share our 20 swatches with you--yes, we know that's a lot, but for 79 cents, can you really blame us?!

But before we show you all the swatches, we want to give you a detailed review of the product....

FORMULA/CONSISTENCY: These are SO creamy, and go on super smooth! I'm not sure if these are moisturizing, but they are not drying.

COLOR PAY-OFF: They are super pigmented, and the color of the swatches on our arms (in the swatch well as on our lips) are basically what you see in the tubes. Just keep in mind they might look a bit different on your lips, depending on the shade of lipstick and the natural color of your lips.... which goes for pretty much ANY lipstick...

STAYING POWER: I can usually go five or six hours (if I'm not eating/drinking much) without having to reapply, so the staying power is fairly good. 

PACKAGING: The packaging is nothing fancy, but we don't mind it at all! It's a silver tube with a clear cap, and it says "Wet n Wild" on the silver part with the shade name on the bottom of the tube.

SMELL: We cannot detect an obvious scent... Our puppies can, I believe, but they won't tell me what it smells like!

PRICE/AVAILABILITY: We've seen these lipsticks in various stores, but we got most of ours from Smith's Marketplace for 79 cents--so cheap!

Now, on with the swatches....

PINKS! From left to right, we have: "Pink Ice," "Retro Pink," "Light Berry Frost," "Dark Pink Frost," "Taj Mauve Hal," "Nouveau Pink," and "Fuschia with a Blue Pearl."

"Pink Ice" is a light pink with a lovely frost. It is not overly sparkly or bright, and it is not obviously cool-toned or definitely warm-toned. It's a basic, neutral, easy-to-wear pink.

"Retro Pink" is a bright, cool, creamy pink. It is not exactly neon, but it is definitely a bright pop! It is bold and beautiful, and we love it!

"Light Berry Frost" is another very wearable pink with a pretty sheen to it. It's deeper than "Pink Ice," and you can layer it up for it to appear even deeper, but it is still not to dark or bright at all.

"Dark Pink Frost" is a gorgeous cool-toned pink (almost a mauvey purple), and it has a subtle frost. It is SO beautiful!

"Taj Mauve Hal" is a warm, bright, pink-mauve! It is a happy, bright color without being super bold.

"Noveau Pink" is the PERFECT hot pink! It is a classic hot pink, with no shimmer or frost at all! It is so creamy and vibrant! It is a dream! You have not lived fully until you've tried this one!

"Fuschia with a Blue Pearl" is a bright, bold fuschia! It is very cool-toned and it has a light frost, but it's not super shimmery. We obviously are too cheap to buy MAC, but it reminds me a bit of pictures I've seen of MAC's "Candy Yum Yum." And SO much cheaper.

REDS & BERRIES! From left to right, we have: "Hot Paris Pink," "Hot Red," "Cherry Frost," "Cinnamon," "Just Garnet," "Copper Dust," "Dark Wine," and "Black Orchid." 

"Hot Paris Pink" is not quite a true pink, but not quite a true red--somewhere in the middle! It is bright, warm, and fabulous! 

"Hot Red" is a true red, but a lighter shade of red. It is another warm, happy color!

"Cherry Frost" is another gorgeous red; it's a hair deeper and cooler than "Hot Red."

"Cinnamon" is the PERFECT red! It is deep, cool-toned, and beyond beautiful! It makes me think of the flawless Marilyn Monroe!

"Just Garnet" is a berry red. It is rich, warm, and perfect for fall!

"Copper Dust" is a a cross between red and copper; what a unique lip color! It is fun and pretty, and one of Kaitlyn's favorites!

"Dark Wine" is a beautiful, deep wine shade. It is daring and bold, so it is not exactly easy to pull off--but it can be done, with the right look! It is beautiful, and another perfect fall shade.

"Black Orchid," just like "Dark Wine," is really bold and hard to pull off with an everyday look--but if you wear it on the right occasion with a certain level of sophistication... Well, this color is HOT!

NEUTRALS & BROWNS! From left to right, we have: "Sunset Peach," "Blushing Bali," "Breeze," "Java," and "Cashmere."

"Sunset Peach" is a light, pinkish peach with a beautiful, golden sheen.

"Blushing Bali" is a subtle, muted pink with brown undertones...just like my natural lip color. This is definitely a "my lips but better" shade...and I just learned on Makeup Alley that MLBB is a commonly understood acronym among makeup lovers for "my lips but better." Who knew?!

"Breeze" is a shimmery, peachy beige. If you put this on top of a nude lip liner or concealer, then this goes on like more of a true nude, with a frosty finish. On top of bare lips, it goes on peachy. And on top of any brighter color (say one that's fading after a few hours of wear), then it just adds a fresher, shiny look to what you have on. Kaitlyn ADORES this color because she can keep it in her purse and know that it will freshen up ANY color she is wearing at work that day. This is a must-have!

"Java" is a tan brown, with an almost-red undertone.

"Cashmere" is a deeper shade of brown, with a cooler undertone and a creamy finish.

Well, those are all of the lipsticks from this line we have! We love them (especially for the price--but honestly, they are probably worth MORE than the 79 cents we pay for them), they really are great quality and come in so many stunning colors! If you are looking to build up your collection, this line might be the best way to do it. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck, allowing you to have a variety of classic and unique shades in your lip color collection! We could not recommend these tubes of awesomeness enough!

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your favorite color is from this line! 

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami 

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