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Prepare yourself for another post in our Feeling Pretty series....

As you probably already know, we LOVE Wet n Wild! And we always go crazy when new limited edition collections come out. And stop rolling your eyes at us! We can't help it! We are slaves to our "must find sparkle" instincts just as much as we are slaves to our "must drink water" or "must find shelter" instincts.... 

We have been trying to hunt down the new eye shadow trios from their new collection, "Be a Runway Beauty," for several weeks, and we finally found them on Saturday at Walgreen's (the Lehi, Utah location, on sale for $2, regular $2.99)! We were pleasantly surprised to see the collection also came with some very pretty nail polishes. So, we picked up three eye shadow trios, and three nail polishes! Who's ready for show and tell?!

Let's start wit the eye shadows! They are trios from their infamous and fabulous Color Icon line, and the shades in this limited edition collection are "Camera Obscura," "Silent Era Film," and "Grays Matter." 

"Camera Obscura" has a light, cool-toned tan with a matte finish; a satiny peach; and a deep, sparkling blue. 

"Silent Era Film" has a light, gray-lavender with a hint of shimmer; a matte, rosy coral; and a sparkly greenish blue, with a strong gray undertone.

"Grays Matter" includes a very light, bluish gray; a muted purple; and a matte bluish purple (which reminds me of swatches I have seen of Mac's "Parfait Amour"...just throwing that out there). 

So, we tried out these eye shadows, and want to give you a quick review of them...
TEXTURE: These are super soft, and easy to blend. They transfer well and are easy to work with.
STAYING POWER: These stay on all day long, and do crease eventually without a primer, but do not crease at all on me with a primer (I use the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer, it's just a dollar!).
PIGMENTATION:These shadows are exceptionally pigmented! The color pay-off is fantastic; what you see in the pan is ultimately what you get on your eyes!
PRICE/AVAILABILITY: I wish these were easier to find, but I suppose all limited edition products require some serious hunting, don't they? Walgreen's tends to be the best, we find, for limited edition Wet n Wild products. The price, though, is very reasonable. $3 (regular) and $2 (on sale) is a good price to pay for three colors of amazingly high quality eye shadow in one, conveniently packaged product!

The bottom line is: we LOVE the eye shadows! So, let's move onto the nail polishes. They are in the Mega Last line. We have "Rudy-dolph," "I'm Not Shrimpy," and "See Ya' Soon."

"Rudy-dolph" is a brilliant, classy red with a lovely sheen.

"I'm Not Shrimpy" is a light, bright pink, with peachy, golden shimmer! This one reminds us of their old mermaid collection!

"See Ya' Soon" is a deep, sparkling teal shade. 

"Playing All Suits" is a purple shade loaded with pretty sparkle!

"Up in the Air" is a fun, sparkly blue color.

These colors are all GORGEOUS! Here is our super "official" review:
APPLICATION: The application of all three of these are great. They don't go on streaky or bumpy. They apply smoothly, evenly, and you only need two coats to achieve great coverage!!
COLOR PAY-OFF: These go on with fairly opaque pigmentation. What you see in the bottle, after two even coats, is what you see on your nails!
DRY TIME: These polishes don't dry fast, but don't dry really slow, either... The drying time is pretty typical--no complaints here! 
STAYING POWER: We are making a bit of an assumption here...we haven't had these on our nails to be able to report exactly how long these stay on. But we are guessing the lasting power of these is basically the same as other polishes from the Mega Last line--for me, these polishes stay on without chipping for a good five days or so. But let's be honest, it's not often I have the same manicure for more than three or four days anyway!

We are just so happy to have found these beautiful colors, and we are excited to share them with you! What is your favorite product from this new collection?! Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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