Thursday, October 3, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Bargain Alert series....

Milani. What's Milani? Oh, yeah, Milani is that kind of expensive cosmetic brand that we've only seen at Walgreen's and Smith's Marketplace... But we have never actually tried any of their products...

Until we found a bunch of them at Dollar Tree! What?! Milani nail polishes (which usually retail for $4-$5) are just $1! And Milani HD Advanced Lip Colors (which usually retail for $7-$8) are just $1! Talk about an AMAZING BARGAIN! Look, even our puppies love the bargains!

We haven't experimented with these a whole lot yet (although Cami has tried the green one and loved it!), but here are some pictures and color descriptions...

"Thai-Tea" is what appears to be a peachy nude with golden sparkle (from the Nail Lacquer line).

"Just Juicy" is a bright, juicy orange (from the Nail Lacquer line).

"Garnet Gems" is a deep burgundy-maroon with red shimmer--STUNNING (from the Nail Lacquer line).

"Digital" is a cool pink with lots of silvery sparkle (from the 3D Holographic line).

"Hi-tech" is a light, bright, almost-mossy green with loads of shimmer (from the 3D Holographic line).

"HD" is a sparkling silver (from the 3D Holographic line).

Aren't those polishes so pretty? We did a little research and tried to figure out if these are permanent polishes, or limited edition, or discontinued... We were never able to come up with a definite answer, although Kaitlyn believes they are discontinued (as of 2010 or 2011?!). Pretty cool that we found them at Dollar Tree (the American Fork, Utah location).

Now, here are some AMAZING lip colors, which cost about $7.50 at Walgreen's, but we picked up for $1 at Dollar Tree (the American Fork, Utah location). They are the Milani HD Advanced Lip Colors, and they are awesome! They feel like lip balms, and apply like them (cute, slim twist-up tube), but go on with fabulous pigmentation! We have a total of seven different shades, and we love them all!

Here are some swatches:

From left to right, we have: "Rich Caramel," "Romantic Rose," "Ignition," "Lovely Rouge," "Raspberry Rush," "Sweet Grape," and "Premiere Plum." 

"Rich Caramel" is a brownish beige; a very wearable neutral shade.

"Romantic Rose" is a light, peachy pink; another super easy-to-pull off and versatile color

"Ignition" is a reddish coral, and the brightest color of the bunch.

"Lovely Rouge" is one of those wonderful deep-yet-wearable colors! It is a cross between a rusty red and subtle berry.

"Raspberry Rush" is very pretty cool, bright pink! "Raspberry" is the perfect word to describe it.

"Sweet Grape" is a light, sheer mauve-ish purple color. 

"Premiere Plum" is a deeper shade of pinkish purple--very pretty!!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and are able to find some of these amazing bargains at your local Dollar Tree! We are off to paint some nails, bye until next time...

**UPDATE! Since originally posting this, we found a few more Milani polishes at the drugstore to share with you....

"Gold Lame" is a rich gold, with a strong yellow, almost darker base to it.

"Sunkissed Glow" is a fun, shimmery coral color. 

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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