Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Crafty Chaos series....

It is time for another Halloween costume post! Today we are excited to share our DIY tutus with you! Aren't they precious?!

The red, white, and black one is Kaitlyn's (she is going to be the Queen of Hearts), and the blue one is mine (I'll be Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, of course). These tutus are a fun, easy, and cheap DIY project, and we think you could incorporate a tutu like these into almost ANY Halloween costume! Just think about it... You could do a black one for Bat Girl, a pink one for Princess Aurora, a yellow one for a bumblebee, a white one for a ghost... The possibilities are endless! And you can tweak the style of the tutu, depending on how you cut it (Kaitlyn did not cut hers at all, we cut my quite a bit shorter with varied lengths--big difference, huh?)!

Anyway, once you decide what you want to be and what kind of tutu you want, go to a craft store and get you some tulle! We got matte tulle on sale at Hobby Lobby for just 79 cents per yard and shiny tulle on sale for $1.10 cents per yard. We made multiple "tulle trips," and once I picked up shiny tulle there for 99 cents per yard. In total, Kaitlyn purchased 13 yards for just $11.20, and I got 11 yards for about $11.15! What a great bargain! I mean, you could easily spend that much on just one or two yards of nearly any other fabric, or more than that on pre-made tutu that would not look EXACTLY how you want it to! Tulle is amazing, and cheap, and we LOVE IT! We also recommend getting more than one color (Kaitlyn has black, white, and red; I have light shiny blue, shiny white, and a darker matte blue), because it gives the tutu more dimension and interest!

You will also want some ribbon, we each got ours (my blue and Kaitlyn's black) from Hobby Lobby for about $1. Make sure you have some kind of sewing table set up and a rolling blade, as well, or at the very least, a good pair of fabric scissors and ruler or tape measure. Once you have all your supplies, you are ready to make your very own DIY tutu!

Step 1: Begin by folding your first piece of tulle into fourths so that when you unfold the strips they'll be the full width of tulle (as it comes on the bolt).

Step 2: Cut the tulle into slim strips (between two and four inches wide), and don't cut yourself!

Step 3: Take your ribbon (which is your waist band), cut it down to the seize of your waist with an additional ten or twelve inches (to tie a bow afterward), and put a knot on each end (leaving at least five or six inches on the end of the knots).
*Clarification: The space in between the two knots should be the size of your actual waist; the extra inches on the ends are so you can tie it around your waist when you are done.

Step 4: Start tying the strips around the ribbon by folding a strip in half....

Step 5: Creating an open loop with the folded strip....

Step 6: And tucking your "tail" (the two ends of the folded strip) into the loop....

Step 7: Pull the "tail" tighter...

Step 8: And tighter, until you have a nice knot!

Step 9: Repeat the strip-tying process about a hundred times (give or take) until ALL of yours strips are on the ribbon.
*Tip: As you are tying on strips (if you have different colors of tulle) be sure to space the colors evenly so your tutu does not look random and messy.

Step 10: Cut the tutu (if you want to cut it all) to the length you want. 
*Tip: It's easier for you to wear the tutu and have someone else cut, just so you get a more accurate, even result.
*Another tip: The tutu lays much nicer if you vary the lengths of the strips a bit. Get your basic length you want, and then "layer up"...kind of like a haircut!

Step 11: Tie your tutu around your waist, give it a few spins, and model its cuteness!

And that's it!! Pretty great, huh?! And, we think these tutus are actually pretty versatile. We are even thinking about wearing them again next year. My blue one could also work for Belle (I'll just need a stack of books and an apron), and Kaitlyn's could easily work for a witch (she'll just need a witch's hat and spell book or something). But if we decide we want different colors next year, it will be easy for us to make other ones...and fairly quick and cheap, too!

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful! What color will your tutu be? Tell us what you are going to be for Halloween in the comment section below!

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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  1. This helps with my navi from the legend of zelda cosplay!