Saturday, September 21, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Bargain Alert series....

Kaitlyn and I made a quick trip to Walgreen's this morning, and found some Wet n Wild limited edition eye shadow trios at GREAT prices! The trios from the "Army Beauty" collection were on sale for just $2, and the trios from the "Pop Art" collection were on clearance for 99 cents! Isn't that great?! We picked up all the ones we don't already have, because it's not as if we could turn down such a bargain, right?!

Here are the ones we purchased: 

From the "Army Beauty" collection, we got "Soldiers in Charm," "Zero Dark Flirty," Spoiled Army Brat," and "Support Our Troops!"

"Soldiers in Charm" has a mossy, shimmery green; a deep, greenish-bronze with gold sparkle; and a cool-toned, army green with the slightest bit of sparkle to it. This is a gorgeous, fun palette that could go funky or earthy. It is Kaitlyn's new favorite palette!

"Zero Dark Flirty" has a light, shimmery lavender; a dark blue-violet; and bright, pansy purple. This is the most beautiful purple trio ever!

"Spoiled Army Brat" includes a purplish pink with shimmer; a hot raspberry pink; and a light, peachy pink with silver sparkle! It is so pretty, and an interesting color combination.

"Support Our Troops!" has a sparkling charcoal; a matte black; and a shimmery white. What a classic, perfect smoky eye trio!

From the "Pop Art" collection, we picked up "I'm Seeing Triples!", "Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!", and "A Regular at the Factory." 

"I'm Seeing Triples!" includes a bright, light, leafy green; a bright cobalt blue; and a purplish raspberry shade. These colors are so bright and fun, and they appear to all be matte! 

"Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up!" has a light, pretty yellow, which apparently has a matte finish; a bright, dark-ish shade of purple that has a satiny finish; and a gorgeous deep, pink berry! Another fun color combination!

"A Regular at the Factory" has the softest, pretty shade of shimmering yellow; a beautiful medium-dark yet somewhat muted shade of blue, almost like denim; and a burnt orange with an almost-matte finish. It's a perfect palette for an "understated brightness." 

We hope you check out your local Walgreen's for these great deals! It is always exciting to find limited edition cosmetics--but even more exciting to find them for awesome bargains! :)

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami 

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