Friday, September 27, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Bargain Alert series....

Who doesn't love finding cheap nail polish?! I know we do! And not only did we find some very inexpensive polishes--from the brand Sally Hansen, who we all know and appreciate--but we found inexpensive LIMITED EDITION nail polishes! Isn't that great?! They were on clearance at Walgreen's! So, if you missed out on Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Summer 2013 collection or the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat collection, now is your chance to try out a few colors at a reduced price!

The xTreme Wear polishes cost only $0.69 a piece! So, of course, we had to get more than one....

First, we have "Berry Juicy," which is a very light pink with a hint of lavender.

Next up is "Peach Beach," which is a bright, peachy (but not very "beachy," in my opinion) pink!

We also picked up this pretty "Pinch of Punch," which is a medium pink-purple color.

And we also got "Razz-berry," which is a gorgeous berry--a cool-toned pink that's nice and bright!

The Sugar Coat color cost just $1.74--I believe they were originally closer to $6-7! So, this is definitely a great bargain! I got the color "Sweetie," which is a light, sweet-looking yellow!

We are so happy to have found these fun nail polishes at Walgreen's! Next time you go there, don't forget to look at the clearance section and tell us if you find any bargains worth alerting us about! We love getting your comments! 

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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