Monday, August 26, 2013


Prepare yourself for another post in our Feeling Pretty series....

We come bearing good news and bad about Wet n Wild's latest collection. So get excited for the good and brace yourself for the bad! Let's get this post started....

Wet n Wild has another limited edition collection out called "Tough Girl Beauty Army." This one includes eyeshadow trios and nail polishes, which come in army-inspired colors. They remind me a bit of Sinful Colors' "Haute Rebel" collection from last fall. I love these rich autumn shades!

Kaitlyn and I each picked up one eyeshadow trio (which comes with a free Mega Protein Mascara). 

Mine is called "Enlisting for Beauty," and it has three neutral shades (a warm, matte tan; a dark, cool shade of brown; and a shimmering taupe):

 Kaitlyn's is called "Zero Dark Flirty"  and it has three purple shades (a light, sparkly purple; a deep eggplant with a satin finish; and a pretty pansy purple):

I would have swatched these for you, but honestly... when it comes to Wet n Wild eyeshadow, what you see is what you get! Yay for true color pay off! These shadows are amazing quality--silky, pigmented, and long lasting. I have only tried the free mascara once, so I can't tell you if I love it or not (but I know I don't hate it)!

**PLEASE NOTE: The eyeshadow colors are much brighter and warmer in person...sorry for the off lighting!

They had gray and blue trios, too, but we liked the brown and purple trios best...

Wet n Wild also has six shades of nail polish in this line, but they cost $3.19 each (pretty pricy for a Wet n Wild nail polish), so we each only purchased one! These are kind of expensive because they claim to have a textured finish. The one I got is definitely textured and gritty (my nails feel like sandpaper!), but the one Kaitlyn got does not have a rough, textured finish it all (it's as smooth as can be). We think this is because mine is more matte and hers is quite shimmery. Of course, it is possible that Kaitlyn just got a bad bottle....

I got "Fatigue Glam" (a warm, mauvey pink):

Kaitlyn got "ATTEN HUT!" (a shimmery, forest green):

 I think "Fatigue Glam" is pretty cool and unique, but I don't love it enough to buy more from this collection--especially at the higher price. Kaitlyn, unfortunately, does regret buying hers because she feels she overpaid for a regular old nail polish. The color is undeniably gorgeous, but the texture is not what it claimed to be. Also, the brush is pretty weird... It's short and wide, making it very difficult to not make a total mess in the application process. 

So the bottom line is: we LOVE the eyeshadow, we don't love the nail polish. Wet n Wild is amazing and we continue to buy their awesome eyeshadow, but we are not impressed with the price, brush, and fail to live up to its claims with nail polish shades in this collection. 

But hey, we are crazy excited for the Halloween nail polish collection from Wet n Wild! Last year's collection was AMAZING, and I regret not buying every single color! So excited to see what they come up with this year! Hope to see it in stores soon! :)

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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  1. Sad that you didn't love the fingernail polish. I don't do much painting of my nails - but I think it's fun that you guys do!

    1. Yes, it is sad!! But we love our new Chrome nail polish we posted about a few days ago...enough that we went and bought more afterward haha. If you don't love nail polish, you should try the chrome stuff--it might convert you ;) haha

  2. I got the attn hut and it is very sandpapery. Did she shake it? I love this nail polish. It is so durable.

    1. No way, really?! That's awesome!! I am so glad it worked well for you!! I think Kaitlyn did shake it, but maybe we will have to try using it again with thinner coats or something, and see if we can get more texture this time... If not, then I guess we just got a dud?! Hopefully we can get the texture, but if not, at least it is a GORGEOUS color, right?! :) Anyway, thanks for sharing your comment with us! Made my day to hear from you!! :)
      xoxo Bre