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Prepare yourself for another post in our Crafty Chaos series....

Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, & Little Red Riding Hood--Oh, my!!

Halloween is our very favorite holiday for so many reasons! Because with it comes red and golden leaves that clutter the sidewalk and crunch beneath your feet. Because with it comes the chance to embrace your love for classic tales and characters, like Frankenstein's creature. Because with it comes the possibilities of decorating with delicate potion bottles, elaborate cobwebs, personified pumpkins, and bony skeletons.  Because with it comes the excuse to spray paint pumpkins and cover them with glitter. Because with it comes the opportunity to use the ghost and bat shaped cookie cutters you bought on clearance last November. 

And, because with it comes the chance to dress up and become whoever you want to be for one magical night--and remain socially accepted.

In all truthfulness, Kaitlyn and I have not dressed up for Halloween since we were in elementary school (and now we're in college)! But once we realized how cute it would be if we dressed up our puppies for their first Halloween, we knew we had to dress up with them! So, this year, Halloween costumes are somewhat of a family affair for the first time in a very long time. Pretty exciting, right?! So exciting that you would love to see this project be turned into a series of multiple equally exciting posts, right?! I thought so!!

Aww, look how excited the puppies are for Halloween!!

Okay, so we are all going to be fairytale characters! Cami is going to be Little Red Riding Hood, and our darling puppy, Sprinkle, will be Little Red Riding Hood, too! Our other cute puppy, Shadow, will be The Big Bad Wolf. Kaitlyn and I will be characters from a different fairytale: Alice in Wonderland. Kaitlyn will be the Queen of Hearts, and I am going to be Alice. We are SO excited for Halloween, and we have already started shopping for our DIY costumes so we have plenty of time to find great deals and put the costumes together. All the materials we have purchased so far are in this cute basket, which Cami will use as a prop for her Little Red Riding Hood ensemble....

Before I dive into the specific items we have, let me give you a general idea of what we have in mind for the costumes. Cami picked up a long, basic black dress at a thrift store that she wants to wear as Red. We are putting a fun twist on the red cape by making it with tulle! Kaitlyn and I are going to wear tulle too, but we are actually going to have tutus! Kaitlyn's will be red, black, and white, and mine will be blue. We will each have tights and a white top, too, and I'll also have a white apron. Kaitlyn found lots of inspiration for Queen of Hearts costume on Pinterest, and I found a few fun ideas for my Alice costume on there, too! So we are taking a bunch of different ideas and tying them together to make unique, fun costumes. Now that you have a general idea of what we're going for, let's move onto what we actually bought o far....

Obviously we have the different colors of tulle I mentioned! Kaitlyn and Cami got their matte tulle on sale for 70 cents a yard at JoAnn's and 79 cents a yard at Hobby Lobby. Oh, and I should thank Kaitlyn for being kind enough to buy some extra red tulle for Sprinkle's tutu! I got my shiny tulle for 89 cents (or was it 99? I can't remember!) per yard at JoAnn's. 

Kaitlyn picked up a deck of cards (to add to Kaitlyn's tutu) and a wand for a dollar each at The Dollar Tree. We looked for a tiara there too, and they didn't have one, so we'll keep an eye open for cheap tiaras! We also picked up Fairytale charms (each costing between $1.43-$2 with coupons) at Hobby Lobby--one for each of our individual costumes. I was amazed that we were able to find PERFECT compliments! We also picked up scrap fabric at Hobby Lobby for $1.40-$3; a roll of white fabric for my apron; some red and white patterned fabric for the inside of Cami's basket (which holds all of our materials now); and some light pink for Shadow's old granny cap (although that last one was actually a quarter flat from JoAnn's). We found his granny dress at a thrift store (Deseret Industries) for just a dollar; it's a dress for a baby that looks pretty old something my mom would have made me in the '90's, even though it belongs in the '70's or '80's...

Okay, that pretty much wraps up our introduction to this Halloween costume series... so let's move onto our first project: charm necklaces!

Now, this is probably the most difficult and complex project of them all, so pay very close attention. 

Step 1: Go buy a charm that fits your costume. As I said, we found ours at Hobby Lobby. 

This is Cami's (AKA Red Riding Hood's):

This is Kaitlyn's (AKA Queen of Hearts'):

This is Breann's (AKA mine, AKA Alice's):

Step 2: Remove the charm from the packaging. Do so cautiously. This is quite tricky indeed.

Step 3: Find a silver or gold chain necklace, and carefully, VERY carefully, put the charm onto the chain. 

Whew! That was a lot of hard work, but you did it!! You're done, and you now have a beautiful charm necklace to show for it! It will totally take your costume to the next level! 

  Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for more posts in this series. We can't wait to share more tips and pictures with you as we go on this fun journey in preparation for what might be the most fun Halloween ever! 

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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**Supplies (for charm necklaces):
Charms--$1.43 (on clearance) to $2 (with a coupon), Hobby Lobby
Chains--FREE, already had some 


  1. Looks like fun! I love Halloween.

    1. Thanks, Shantel!! We really appreciate your comment! Halloween is SO much fun :)