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Wet n Wild is one of our absolute FAVORITE brands for makeup and nail polish because their products are super affordable, while maintaining very high quality! We always get excited--and when I say "excited," I mean jumping up and down and squealing like an idiot in the middle of the cosmetic aisle-- when we see a new limited edition collection from them. Their latest is the Pop Art Craze collection, which includes six incredibly bright and fun nail polishes! We loved the colors so much, we bought the whole collection and are eager to share it with you!!

So where did we find these amazing nail polishes and how much did we spend?! Well, let me tell you! We found the collection at Smith's Marketplace, on a very cute and bright display! Each nail polish was available for only 79 cents, which is a steal! We got the whole collection for only $4.75, plus tax. Also, I've read on other blogs that the collection is available at Walgreen's too, but we could not find this particular collection at our local Walgreen's this time (although we usually do). I think the Wild Shine polishes cost ten to twenty cents more at Walgreen's than at Smith's Marketplace, but 99 cents is still a great deal! And I think you should know that our cute puppy, Sprinkle, gave these polishes her kiss of approval!

Let's talk about the colors! There is a brilliant white with a cream finish (as opposed to matte or shimmer) called "A Blank Canvas." We love that it is a true, bright white! It is gorgeous! But it can be a little tricky to apply because this particular polish does not go on very smoothly with thin coats. Kaitlyn had to apply two thicker coats to make it look nice and even (although just one thick coat looked fine, too), but it is totally worth it! 

"Teal Slowly and See" is a light, bright blue, and I am officially in love with it! It is the PERFECT light blue, with a creamy finish. Kaitlyn swears she has been on the hunt for this color for months, and I wish you could have seen her face light up when she found this little gem! The picture does not even do this stunning color justice! It also goes on like a dream. It is smooth and opaque with just one or two coats, and the formula reminds me a lot of the Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Colors, which are amazing!

The other blue in the collection is a bit deeper, but still very bright and pretty. It also has a cream finish. It is called "Listening to Blue Reed." Cami and I wish we had had this color for Independence Day! It would have made a great manicure for the holiday! Anyway, this one goes on very nicely, too! It also reminds me of the Mega Last line, and we all love the color so much! It's Cami's favorite! PLEASE NOTE: The picture of this blue looks extremely similar to to the one above, but I promise this one is a bit darker in person. They are not really that similar. If you look at the manicure pictures at the bottom of this post, you can see the colors a little better... Sorry about that!!

"Stand the Test of Lime" is a bright, light green! It is a nice lime color with a cream finish that screams summertime! I can practically taste limeade just by looking at it! However, this does not go on quite as smoothly as the blues do; it takes about three really thin coats (with dry time in between each coat); but as long as you have the time, it's not an inconvenience. This is the color that first caught my eye, and I am super stoked to have it in my collection!

There is a neon purple called "Who is Ultra Violet?" that we are also loving to pieces! It is not really dark or really light; it is a happy medium with a punch of neon vibrancy! Like all the other colors in this collection, it has a cream finish. The color is unique and beautiful! It also goes on really easily. Two coats is all you need for some hot purple nails! 

"The Clock Strikes Orange" is a really pretty one, too! This orange shade is another super unique color with a cream finish. If a cantaloupe and a pumpkin had a neon baby, it would be this color! I'm not a huge orange person, but I honestly LOVE this one! It goes on nicely, just like the purple and blue colors do!

We had a lot of fun painting our nails with the polishes from the Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Collection! Take a look at the manicures we put together by mixing and matching different colors from the collection!

We highly recommend that you check out Wet n Wild's amazing nail polishes, and grab some of these limited edition colors while they are still available! They are all so bright and beautiful! I cannot decide which one I love most, but Sprinkle's favorite is "Who is Ultra Violet?" What is your favorite color from the collection? Let us know in the comment section below! Thanks for reading! :)

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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