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Prepare yourself for another post in our Crafty Chaos series....

We love nail polish! Nail polish is a fabulous, inexpensive, and easy way to add a little more style to any look. For us, it is TOO EASY to walk into a store without any intention of buying nail polish, but walk out with two or three new colors anyway! But storing and organizing it--well, that's another story! I mean, we can't just leave them anywhere for our puppies to eat, right?! We need some simple, affordable storage solution that will keep those pretty polishes safe, organized, and portable.

We searched for a good way to organize our nail polish for ages! We tried putting our polishes in bowls, which was cute, but not at all organized. We tried putting them on trays, but it was too difficult to carry the trays back and forth without the polishes all falling over, and having to be reorganized yet again. We also considered nail polish racks and shelves, but we would still have a transportation issue. We thought about getting some kind of nail polish caddy, but they tend to be really expensive. We finally decided the best way to keep our polish organized and allow for good transportation would be to find some kind of box, which would have to be the right size--not too tall, and not so wide that it would be impractical, yet large enough to hold a lot and allow our nail polish collections to grow. 

We finally found some storage solutions that meet all of our criteria, and we are SUPER excited to share them with you!! We have three different box ideas (two of them are very closely related, though) to keep nail polish organized in style! This means we can still have them out and looking cute, but also have them portable and ready to go wherever you are ready to paint!


 Here we have some flip-top Sterilite boxes we picked up at WalMart for $2.47. They are 12'' wide, 6'' long, and 3.75'' high, which is the PERFECT height for nail polishes, as most nail polishes are about 3'' to 3.5'' tall. They fit approximately fifty nail polishes in each box (about 5 rows of 10, depending on the shape and size of the nail polish bottle), which is amazing!

 First we primed the boxes with a white primer from Krylon.

Then, we spray painted them light pastel colors, all from Krylon's Indoor/Outdoor line: "Pistachio," "Ballet Slipper," and "Sun Yellow." 

They turned out really cute and fun--if you don't mind that they look a tad like baby wipe boxes!! The funny thing is, Cami did not mind, and Kaitlyn did mind... So, if you glance at the picture above, you can see there are four boxes (one pink, one yellow, and two green). All except for one of the greens are what Kaitlyn initially wanted, until the pastel colors made her think of baby wipe boxes! Then, she decided she wanted to repaint them (which is the second solution--same boxes, TOTALLY different look). But Cami still loves her green box, and I think it suits her style well! She was so excited to fill it up with all her nail polishes, and she doesn't even have the box half filled yet, so she has plenty of room for growth--which is totally appreciated! Now she doesn't have to worry about having to get something new to make more room any time soon!


Our second solution is similar to the first, but not as simple and much classier, rather than something super light and simple. We used the same boxes, and primed them just as we did before, and spray painted them different colors--all metallic colors from Krylon: "Nickel," "Sparkling Canyon," and "Caramel Latte."

We added some simple and elegant black and white ribbon, and some adhesive pearls (and you can find both ribbon and pearls at Hobby Lobby for super cheap, especially when they are 50% off)! 

That gave these boxes a very sleek finish. Don't they just SCREAM CLASSY?! I have a feeling Audrey Hepburn stored her nail polish in something similar.... But anyway, these are what Kaitlyn turned her original boxes into, and it is quite the transformation! They are totally her style, and I love that! The different colors of pearls help her know what colors are in each box, so she doesn't have to search too much to find that perfect nail polish! And since the pearls are on both the front and side, she can tell no matter which direction the boxes face on a shelf. Like Cami, none of her boxes are even half full--so cheer for room to grow, because you KNOW our collections WILL grow!


Our third solution still includes boxes, but a totally different kind. These are photo storage boxes, which I picked up for just $2.99 each at Gordman's. They are 7.5'' by 11'', and about 4.5'' tall--so they are similar in size the Sterilite boxes, and hold about the same amount of polishes. Since I am pretty much OBSESSED with zebra print, I decided to pretty much leave them alone and let the zebra stripes do all the talking, rather than clutter up the already loud boxes with a bunch of ribbon or stamps or something. 

I did, however, add three small rhinestones on each box (different rhinestones on each one) so I can easily identify what colors are in what box. I know the pinks and neutrals are in the box with pink and black zebra rhinestones; the blues and greens are in the box with light pink rhinestones; the purples, reds, oranges, and yellows are in the box with hot pink rhinestones. Also, I just want to say I really like that some came with black lids and some came with hot pink lids--how fun!

These are super simple, yet bold and stylish with the awesome zebra print. I LOVE them! They are so me! Our puppy, Sprinkle, loves them too! We are also happy to report that I have plenty of room for collection expansion, as well. These boxes are just the perfect homes for my polishes!

Well, those are all three of our DIY nail polish storage solutions! We hope you like them and give one of them a try, or that they at least spark other good ideas! If you do try one of these solutions, then tell us how they turned out! As always, thanks for reading!! :)

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami

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Sterilite boxes--$2.47, WalMart
Spray paint--$4ish, Smith's Marketplace, WalMart, or Hobby Lobby
Ribbon--$1-$2, Hobby Lobby
Pearls/rhinestones--$3ish, Hobby Lobby
Photo boxes--$2.99, Gordman's
Ribbon --Hobby Lobby,

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