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Prepare yourself for another post in our Crafty Chaos series....

Hey, everyone! We are SO excited to show you some storage solutions for your jewelry. We have some great ideas to share that are fantastic for keeping everything organized--but, as an added bonus, they are PRETTY, so the storage doubles as decor! Does it get any better than that?! We are most excited about the jewelry boards we recently made, which are hanging happily on our bedroom walls. We got the jewelry board idea from BrightNest (link below, check it out!), and we just added to it and made it our own! It was so fun, and we love the way our boards turned out! Take a look!


So, this one is mine. Our dad made the frame, and cut the peg board down to size. It started out about 5' x 4'' and then he cut it down to about 18'' x 24'' for each of us. I turned the peg board purple with the Krylon Mambo Pink Gloss Finish Spray Paint. After using the Krylon White Satin Finish Spray Paint on the frame, I painted on some black zebra stripes with the Delta Acrylic Paint in "Black" and a fairly small paint brush. I did not use a template or anything, I just glanced at a zebra striped blanket I have for reference. 

Then, I added cute zebra print gemstones in hot pink! And of course, I added some knobs that we found at Hobby Lobby, and at Smiths, which I spray painted light pink with the Kyrlon Ballet Slipper Spray Paint.

In case you could not tell, I happen  to LOVE zebra print! The board has kind of a fun feel, and I really enjoy it. This is perfect for storing necklaces (and Kaitlyn put bracelets on hers too!).

Kaitlyn's frame and pegboard were also made and cut by our dad. She used the Krylon Rich Plum Gloss Finish Spray Paint to paint the frame, and the Krylon Light Ivory Satin Finish Spray Paint to paint the pegboard. She used swirly stamps (which we got from Hobby Lobby a long time ago, and we use A LOT) to add that pattern along the frame, and she added some adhesive pearls. Her knobs are also from Hobby Lobby (for basically the same prices as mine). She used some Krylon Spray Paint in several "antique-ish metal" colors to paint the knobs. 

Kailtyn's turned out beautiful! It looks so classy, and I love that it has a little bit of an antique-ish, timeless feel to it. The materials used are super similar to the ones I used for mine, yet it has a totally different look, and I think that is super cool! (Of course, it's not quite as fabulous as mine, but it's close...)

Before we wrap up this post..... THANK YOU, DAD!!! We are so grateful for your help on the jewelry boards! We love you and your unmatchable garage skills!

Thanks so much for reading! We hope this sparks a few ideas to help you better store and organize the jewelry you have in your own collection, and add some PIZZAZZ in the decor department! 

Please tell us your favorite way to organize/display your jewelry! Do you use a jewelry box, tree, or what? Do you want to try out the board thing, or something else? And, by the way, does anyone know where to find more knobs for super cheap? We pretty much cleaned out Hobby Lobby's clearance knobs, and we want some more for under a dollar, if possible.... Any ideas? Don't hesitate to drop us a comment below! Thanks!

Don't forget to put on your favorite necklace or earrings, and have a great day! :)

Love, the Sisters of Hot Glue & Sparkle,
Kaitlyn, Breann, & Cami 

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Pegboard--Home Depot, $6
Krylon Spray Paint--Hobby Lobby, $3.59 with 40% off coupon
Delta Paint--Hobby Lobby, $1.37
Zebra gemstones--Hobby Lobby, set of 22 for $2.99
Door knobs: Hobby Lobby, 39 cents on clearance, or $2 at 50% off
Bottlecaps: Hobby Lobby, set of 12 for $2.96 at 50% off
Adhesive pearls: Joanne's, $1
11 x 14 canvas: Hobby Lobby, pack of 2 for $5.99
Ribbon: Hobby Lobby, $1-$2 at 50% off
Flowers: Dollar Tree, $1
Jewelry Tree: eBay, $15
Tray: Dollar Tree, $1
Shoe ring holder: Ross, $2.99
Bowl: Dollar Tree, $1

Bright Nest: 
OUAT post 2 (for plate decorating!):

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